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How we build your B2B
Linkedin content machine

We build your content machine so that you're posting high quality content every day. Designed for smart teams that want to do a lot more with a lot less.

How It Works

Our Process

In two weeks we'll be creating social content that turns you into the thought leader in your niche.

Understand your current content

Maybe you're already creating content, or you regularly record webinars, or you have an active blog. First we understand where you are today, and what content can be repurposed for your Linkedin channel.

Understand success criteria

Some companies focus entirely on leads, some focus on brand awareness. We meet you where you're at and where you want to be, and we build a strategy that achieves your goals.

Fill gaps in your content

If you don't have a solid bank of content, we'll help you fill those gaps. For example we can help launch a video podcast, help fill webinars, or interview your leadership team to build up a bank of thought leadership content.

Build your content machine

We create a machine to deliver a daily mix of content that engages and builds your audience. We test content over time to understand what resonates most and we double down on our successes.

Types of Linkedin Content

We create varied and engaging Linkedin content

The most successful Linkedin feeds are ones that are engaging, human and thought provoking. They post varied and valuable content, every day.

Industry News

We'll find relevant articles that are aligned with your target audience and turn them into posts.

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Educational Content

We'll turn thought leadership from blogs, interviews, etc and turn key insights into shareable carousels and listicles.

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Humorous Content

We'll create funny content that is also thought provoking and aligns with your brand voice.

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Video Posts

We'll edit video interviews, podcasts, webinars etc and create engaging video posts.

Thought Leadership Content

We'll create content that positions you as a thought leader but also shows personality.

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Filling Your Content Gaps

We create your content bank

If you don't have a bank of content that can be leveraged for building out your social media content, then we'll help you create it. We want to ensure the content we create is rooted in valuable thought leadership content.

Webinar Content

We'll help you fill a regular calendar of webinars and then repurpose the highlights into social media content.

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Founder & Exec Interviews

Your team are your subject matter experts. We'll interview relevant leaders and turn those insights into content that positions you as leaders in your space.

Customer Interviews

You're already solving a pain point for customers and hopefully they're already advocates. We'll take interviews you have with them and turn them into content marketing.


Scale Content And Your Network

We build your content network

We connect you with hundreds of leaders and potential customers in your space to generate engaging video interviews that can be turned into high value content marketing.

Eleanora WhiteDirector of Customer Success, North America at Supermetrics
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Aaron WoodsDirector, Strategic Customer Success at LaunchDarkly
Con CirilloDirector of Lifecycle Marketing at Funnel
Vanessa PiacenteHead of Customer Experience at Fable
Shalini ChoudharyHead of Customer Success at Pento
sean macpherson.jpeg
Sean MacPhersonDirector of Customer Success at Fleetio
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Emma WangDirector of Customer Success at Guusto
Mnauel Harnisch.jpeg
Manuel HarnischVice President, Customer Success at FOSSA

Content Design

We align content design with your brand

We'll take your brand guidelines and your voice and ensure every piece of content is well aligned with your existing content and your target audience.

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