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Linkedin Content for
Ambitious Brands

Your customers are on Linkedin, time to start engaging with them.

Clients backed by leading investors:

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Most companies suck at Linkedin content. We're here to change that.

About Us

Time To Stand Out

Linkedin content doesn't need to be "boring 2 boring". Time to create content that educates and entertains your audience.


Build An Audience

Your audience are on Linkedin, what are you waiting for?

Drive Conversations

Linkedin content should create conversations.

Get An ROI

Every piece of content you make can be repurposed for social.

Our Founders

We're serial entrepreneurs who believe that marketing should be efficient, not expensive.

Mikey HoweCo-Founder & CEO
Mikey has scaled multiple startups over 14 years and is responsible for making sure we have the best team and service there is.
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Andrew PiernoCo-Founder
Andrew is a machine learning software engineer, has run multiple venture studios and has an unusual knack for great marketing!
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